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Eating Clean

Eating Clean

Damon K. Jones Being Mindful of Healthy Food Choices When you view health and fitness as part of your identity,
behaviors that support that belief occur naturally.
Get Healty Easily Optimum Health & Wellness Eat Right, Be Bright! Nutrition Services is dedicated to bringing you and your family healthy. BE BLACKTASTIC Healthier Choices For a Healthier You. Reprograming your subconscious mind to help you think more
positively about health, wellness and yourself.

about Damon

Damon K. Jones

Mr. Jones is a Holistic Health Practitioner, First Aid in Mental Health Practitioner, Diet, and Nutrition Advisor, and Vegan, Vegetarian Nutrition Life Coach.
Mr. Jones believes that Black Communities must be Safe, Sacred, and Busy; Like every other ethnic community. We must set real priorities for our health, wellness, and mental clarity.

“Want To Reach Optimal Health, Lose Weight And Increase Your Energy?”

Kick-start your optimum health journey today!


The Empowering Effects of Detoxing, Cleansing, and Clean Eating


From: Damon K. Jones


Are you tired of diets that don’t work?

Do you want to improve your health?

Do you feel like you don’t know what good or bad food is for you?

Do you want to learn more about clean eating?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then The Empowering Effects of Detoxing, Cleansing, and Clean Eating is for you!


With the launch of documentaries, books, and the emergence of athletes changing their nutrition to be plant-based, one has to wonder what this is all about.


Clean eating can be for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be a complex commitment.


Eating Healthy Is Easier Than You Think.



Many reasons exist for choosing to detox, cleanse and eat clean. We will discuss in more details in the book, but here’s our top 5 reasons:

 Detox and Cleanse your Body!
Learn the Proper foods to Eat!
Prevent or manage a Chronic Disease!
The importance of Diet and Exercise!
Gain Mental Clarity!
If any of these reasons appeal to you, you will want to learn more about a plant-based diet.
‘While exercising is essential, nutrition is probably the number one reason we have so much obesity in our nation.
Not knowing what to eat and difficulty reading labels has led us to be confused about what to eat or not to eat.
The good news is you can start learning right now.
Allow me to introduce you to you…

The Empowering Benefits of Detoxing, Cleansing & Eating Clean

The Empowering Benefits of Detoxing, Cleansing & Eating Clean is a very important and timely book especially with many feeling the results of being shuttered in and working from home – eating more, sitting down more and getting less exercise – something that is plaquing many across the nation. But the book is so much more than just eating right and exercising more, it’s about – as the liner notes state; ‘Gaining optimum health & Wellness to charge your body’s mental clarity and spiritual frequency through food.

The pandemic turned everyone’s world upside down but as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel we must reboot, recharge, re-energize and refocus and that’s why this is a necessary and timey book.

10% of sales will be donated to PlantBasePower.org 

To learn more about Nutrition and Gaining Optimum Health and Wellness

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