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PRE ORDER- Jesus and Divine Black Masculinity  × 1 $25.00
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53 Building Bocks to Become a Divne Black Masculine
Jones emphasizes the importance of attaining a grounded sense of Black Divine Masculinity. He posits that while femininity is often perceived as fluid, true masculinity for Black men necessitates a deep-rooted and unwavering foundation, akin to the stability of a root firmly planted in the earth. Addressing a pervasive problem within the Black community, Jones underscores the necessity for Black men to cultivate this groundedness within their communities.
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The Health Mindset: 6 Pillars of Health and Wellness
The Health Mindset: Building a Foundation for Well-Being" In this book, Damon gives a comprehensive guide designed to help readers craft a holistic approach to optimal health and wellness. Within these pages, you'll find a detailed exploration of the six fundamental pillars of well-being: physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health, purposeful health, and spiritual health.
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Black Minds Must Matter: The Fight Against Anxiety and Depression Being the Best Version of Ourselves
Damon discusses the critical need for candid conversations about emotional crises and mental health within Black communities in this book. By shunning these discussions, we inadvertently perpetuate a cycle of ignorance, leaving us ill-equipped to recognize the signs of emotional distress in our loved ones. As a result, many individuals may spiral into depression without access to the support and resources they desperately need.s.
$20.00 $18.00